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  • Tree sculpture is a hoot! say residents

    Ollie Cowan

    WHEN council bosses said a hugely impressive Cypress Tree on Grovesnor Road had to be chopped down, residents who have lived all their lives in its impressive 55ft shadow where devastated.

    But fears of a felling for the unsafe behemoth were soon allayed after crafty tree surgeons managed to turn the Cypress into an art sculpture!

    Now, in place of what was once a vibrant Cypress Tree, stands just part of its trunk - atop of which is an ornate and detailed carving of a tawny owl, nicknamed Olga. And residents are overjoyed that at least part of the tree has been put to such good use.

    The ‘Cupressus’ based in the front garden of a privately owned property, was deemed to be dangerous with branches hanging precariously over the pavement and local bus route.

    There was no choice but to cut it down and on instruction of the council, residents prepared for the inevitable.

    But when tree specialist Dean Halsall was brought in, it was decided that there could be a rather unusual way of making sure the tree lived on.

    Dean undertook the felling of the giant with his specialist team and equipment to ensure as little disruption to the bus route and neighbours as possible, with the task taking them six hours to complete, leaving only a 10ft trunk as the only sign that a tree was ever there.

    Next it was the turn of Simon Archer, who runs Wisewood Sculpture, to take his chainsaw to the stump and create some eyecatching art!

    The Formby-based sculpturet is well known for his unique chainsaw carvings and he transformed the stump into a intricate carving of a tawny owl.

    The homeowner, who did not want to be named, said: “We all hope other people who need to fell their trees will consider making them into a creative and fun sculpture, it is so much nicer than just a bare stump in the ground, and it feels like your beloved tree still lives on in a special way.

    “People now stop to admire and photograph this fabulous tribute to our beautiful tree. 

    “Although Simon carves many real life plus mystical sculptures to choose from, we decided that the sculpture should reflect the wildlife that have actually been seen within the tree over many years, including an owl!

    “In time we intend to add Red Squirrels, and Woodpeckers.

    “It is a fabulous way to celebrate our matriarch tree.”

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