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    Ollie Cowan

    A LUXURY hotel for pampered pooches could soon transform a farm in Hightown.

    The owners of Moor Farm have submitted plans to Sefton Council to change a number of out buildings, previously used for storing equipment, into an upmarket facility catering for dogs.

    Among the attractions on offer will be a canine hydrotherapy unit and a ‘beauty’ parlour on site where pets will get the five star treatment.

    There will also be ‘human sized’ beds for the dogs to lounge on, underfloor heating and gourmet cooked food

    Owners will even be able to check up on their pets via webcam!

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    Sefton Council Planning bosses will consider the proposals later this month after they were put forward by applicant Mrs A Byrne and Paul Keegan Associates.

    A spokesperson for the planned development said: “Our main goal is to open a Boutique Hotel that dogs can come to stay and experience the luxury and home comforts that a lot of pets are used to at home. 

    “Each dog or family of dogs will have their own under floor heated secure room, with full size adult bed, this provides warmth for the dogs without owners worrying about their dogs being in contact with radiators, its also a constant low level heat, which a lot of dogs prefer rather than a direct heat from which they can over heat.

    “Dogs can enter their rooms whenever they like and spend as long as they like in it undisturbed but will always be monitored.

    “Each room will have a TV that can provide webcam access, if owners wish to view their pet while they stay with us. The TV’s can also be used to let the dog watch TV or listen to music, as we know the sound of a TV is a noise associated with home and can be very comforting.

    “Owners may also wish to make DVD’s of themselves to be shown to their pet while they are away as again a familiar voice can be comforting to some dogs.

    The rooms will have immediate access to a secure outside area, so if and when a dog requires taking out staff can get them outside quickly.

    “When dogs aren’t relaxing in their rooms they will have access to an indoor and outdoor play area, so no matter what the weather, dogs will have plenty of supervised activities to keep them occupied and keep their minds busy so they do not have time to realise their owners are away from them.

    “Each play area is completely fenced and secure and will always be supervised by trained staff. Staff are on hand to simply watch that all dogs play well and are safe and happy, but can also be the source of a dogs entertainment, whether that be from a constant ball thrower to a tummy tickler, the staff will do whatever is required of them.

    “All play/training area will be cleaned and monitored constantly, as hygiene will be one of our important goals.

    “While staying with us, dogs can have access to supervised training/agility facilities, grooming/pampering sessions and even use of the hydrotherapy pool, all at their owners prior request and for an additional cost.

    “We will have 24 hour, trained staff monitoring the dogs and someone will always be on hand to tend to a dog’s every need, no dog is left alone to fret for their owners.

    “The site will also have 24 hour CCTV so owners know their pets are secure when left with us.

    “We are also looking to open a pet hydrotherapy centre. This service is becoming more and more popular with owners and their pets, as an alternative to medications and surgery.”

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