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  • Wizard of Oz is an 'absolute joy from start to finish'

    By Jenny Robson

    The Wizard of Oz – BOS Musical Theatre Company

    Little Theatre, Southport – May 13 to 20

    WOW! Liz Clarke’s magnificent artistic direction incorporated enough talent to fill the Royal Albert Hall into this joyful production!

    It was great to have live music under the expert direction of Charles Moss. Lucie Clarke sparkled as Dorothy, her lovely singing voice so suitable for the well-known lyrics we all remember Judy Garland singing in the 1939 MGM film.

    There will not be many who do not know the story of Dorothy and her beloved dog, Toto, being swept away to magical Oz when a twister storm wreaks havoc over Kansas.

    In a flurry of unforgettable special effects and video sequences she is whisked across the skies to meet new friends - Scarecrow (Robbie Dale) needs a brain, Tin Man (Craig Billington) yearns for a heart and Lion (Ian Lawson) wants courage. So they all dance down the yellow brick road to ask the Wizard (Jamie Lester) to grant their wishes. But will the Guard (Nick Lloyd) allow them to enter the castle? Will the cackling Wicked Witch of the West (Heather Lewis) steal Toto or can Good Witch Glinda (Karen Parkinson) save him?

    Full marks to Wendy Harris for her excellent and innovative choreography. The logistics of organising a full cast and chorus of characters dancing around in a riot of colourful and exquisite costumes were incredible – so many youngsters remembering every step!

    So ... who proved to be a real scene-stealer? Toto of course! He was played by cute and cuddly Lotty (aptly named because she was born on the same day as Princess Charlotte). Hope she had a few treats after the show. A pat on the back for her trainer!

    Congratulations to every member of the team. This production could have graced the stage of any West End theatre.

    Score: 10/10 – an absolute joy from start to finish!

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