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  • Work starts on second phase of Concourse lift refurbishment

    Henry James

    WORK has started on the second phase to refurbish the public scenic lift at the Concourse shopping centre which will see it out of operation for a month.

    A spokeswoman for the Concourse said: “We have now embarked on the planned second phase of the works to refurbish the public scenic lift.

    “This started on Wednesday, February 15 and will last for approximately four weeks, to complete the refurbishment.

    “This element of the work will focus on refurbishing the lift car and will include new doors, alarms, floor coverings and linings.

    “While our specialist lift contractor works on the lift, a hoarding will be put in place, for health, safety and security reasons.

    “In the meantime, we will assist our customers to move between floors. If any customers cannot manage the ramp, escalators or staircases and require assistance, the security control room can be contacted on 01695 723 712.

    “We understand how frustrating the lift issues have been for our valued customers and tenants and we extend our apologies once again for the inconvenience.”

    Tenants at the Concourse had complained in September that the broken lift, broken escalators and the shutting of staircases could be deterring shoppers from visiting the first floor of the centre.

    One trader told the Champion: “The escalator in the market area went off one day leaving the entire centre with no means of getting up except for the ramp, which even able-bodied people struggle to push a trolley up or down, especially when it’s loaded with shopping.

    “Traders on the upper level by the broken lift are complaining of lack of trade.”

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