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    Ollie Cowan

    A FIVE-year-old Southport girl whose life was saved thanks to a number of blood transfusions, was the guest of honour at a NHS blood donor awards ceremony.

    Daisy Walsh was joined by her mum, Nicci, and little sister Pixie, at a glittering ceremony in Knowsley to honour Merseyside’s top blood donors, some of whom have given blood over one hundred times! When she was born it was discovered that Daisy suffered with a condition called diamond blackfan anaemia which meant that her body didn’t produce any red blood cells. 

    Daisy received blood every three to four weeks and had a total of 84 blood transfusions to keep her alive.

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    In December 2015, the youngster received a bone marrow transplant from Pixie and since January 2016 she has enjoyed a life free from blood transfusions and medical intervention. Nicci was asked to be guest speaker at the awards, and she gave an emotional talk thanking the region’s blood donors for their continued efforts in helping to save lives like Daisy’s

    Nikki said:  “We feel very lucky that Daisy has been given a new lease of life and want to thank all blood donors who give up their time to make such a big difference. 

    “We will never forget those who aren’t as lucky and continue to be dependant on blood transfusions and that’s why we want to encourage more people to give blood. 

    “You really are making a huge difference to someone.”

    Three of the donors honoured are from nearby Formby and between them have given blood three hundred times!

    Ivan Swainbank, David Pinder and Irene Murphy all received their award and certificate for reaching their 100th blood donation milestones at the event at Knowlsey Hall.

    The lifesaving efforts of 25 blood donors from the region, who had collectively made an amazing 3,650 donations, were also honoured with commemorative medals at the ceremony.

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