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  • Walkies... through the ‘jungle’ for dog owners in Marshside

    Ollie Cowan

    DOG walkers in Marshside say they are faced with a jungle rather than a jaunt when taking their beloved pooches for a stroll down Fleetwood Road.

    A popular public footpath which connects Fleetwood Road to the RSPB sanctuary in Marshside has become so overgrown with stinging nettles and weeds that dog owners are now resorting to carrying gardening gloves with them.

    Councillor Pat Keith has taken the local authority to task over the issue, who have since responded to say maintenance contractors will be on site as soon as possible to clear away the weeds.

    Marshside resident and dog owner, Ian Currie, said: “ It’s becoming impossible to walk down the path.

    “Every step you take you either walk into a branch or get stung by a nettle.

    “It’s important to all of us in this area that the council sort it out as soon as possible.

    “For us it’s urgent.”

    Another dog walker, Edna Shillito said: “Medical professionals recommend strongly that we take walks to stay healthy and yet it seems we are blocked whichever way we turn and it’s becoming extremely restrictive for dog owners.

    “We are now forbidden to walk the dogs on the beach, the whole area around Royal Birkdale is now out of bounds until the end of August and now our local path is almost impenetrable.

    “It’s like a jungle.”

    Mrs Shillito called in Councillor Keith in a bid for the council to open up the path by cutting back shrubs and treating weeds and nettles.

    “When I arrived for a site inspection I was shocked at the extent the path was overgrown, causing great problems for people and their dogs, “said Councillor Keith.

    “But I was even more shocked when, on contacting the Council, I was told they had no plans to cut it back until late August, by which time the summer is over.

    “Obviously I protested at this and we now wait to see what happens.”

    A spokesperson for Sefton Council said: "We were contacted by Cllr Keith about this matter last month and responded to her directly.

     "Maintenance along this path is carried out twice a year and in light of the comments raised, our contractors will visit the area as soon as possible."

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