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  • Labour Leader to hold beach rally

    Danielle Thompson

    LABOUR Leader Jeremy Corbyn is holding a rally on Southport Beach on Friday (August 18).

    The announcement has delighted local party activists and supporters, but drew scorn from Southport’s newly elected Conservative MP Damien Moore.

    Labour’s MP for Sefton Central, Bill Esterson, says he invited Mr Corbyn to campaign in what is now the key marginal constituency of Southport. Sefton Central is the neighbouring constituency to Southport.

    Mrl Esterson said: “Southport is the only neighbouring seat to my own that has a Conservative MP.

    “As soon as the general election result was known, it was clear that Southport is now a straight fight between the Conservatives and Labour.

    “It is a key marginal constituency that Labour needs to win to form a government. That is why I asked Jeremy Corbyn to make Southport a priority in his summer campaign.

    “Jeremy showed just how good he is at campaigning during the general election and he inspired a new generation of voters to become involved.

    “Labour's membership has gone up dramatically. In Sefton Central we had dozens of people helping with the campaign both in my constituency and in nearby key seats like Wirral West. And thousands of people registered to vote who had not voted before.”

    He claimed: “The Labour manfiesto has given hope that there is an alternative to cuts in the NHS, schools, police and council services. There is an alternative to the economics of austerity and it is the proven, common sense approach of investing for the future. Investing in skills, in roads, railways, broadband and energy, of a partnership between government, business and workers. And good quality public services, were staff are valued and paid properly is at the heart of Labour's vision.

    “Jeremy Corbyn and Labour's manifesto have given hope and I am thrilled that Jeremy is bringing that message of hope to the people of Southport. I look forward to being there with him to introduce him to what promises to be a very well attended and supported campaign session. Jeremy has inspired people across the country. Now I am sure he will inspire the people of Southport.”

    However, Southport Tory MP Damien Moore remained unimpressed.

    He responded: “Although Jeremy Corbyn and any other MP is, of course, welcome to visit Southport and see the attractions we have for visitors, I am puzzled as to why he is holding a campaign rally on our beach.

    “He lost the election, both nationally and in Southport, and we in Government have work to do and are getting on with it.”

    Mr Corbyn will be campaigning on the beach at the southern end of Marine Drive from 5.30pm.

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