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  • Dirty and smelly pond is spoiling ‘Green Flag’ park

    Tom Martin

    SOME visitors to Coronation Park are not happy that it has been awarded the prestigious Green Flag award as they claim the pond at the facility is often dirty and is not being properly maintained.

    The Champion recently reported how the Crosby park was one of only a handful in Sefton to be given the accolade, which aims to recognise parks and greenspaces with the “highest possible environmental standards and well maintained.”

    However, some locals believe it's just the opposite at Coronation Park when it comes to maintaining the pond, which they say is often covered in green algae and smells.

    One person who contacted the Champion said: “Parts of the park look great, like at the front, but the problem is at the back where the pond is.

    “There’s a bad smell and the water looks terrible.

    “I never see any ducks any more or anyone using the little boats and it’s a shame because it's such a lovely pond when it's looked after properly.”

    Another said: “I go to the park regularly but I try to avoid the pond area.

    “The council needs to look at it properly because it's putting people off coming to the park when they see the state of the pond.”

    Sefton Council said they would send their Green Sefton team to take a look at the pond.

    A spokesperson said: “We have not received any direct complaints about the condition of the pond at Coronation Park.

    “Algal blooms are common place within ponds and lakes and we treat areas to try and stop the growth, however recent high temperatures have caused algae to grow quicker.

    “Our Green Sefton team will now inspect the pond and assess the current situation. We believe Coronation Park is a great asset and worthy of flying a prestigious Green Flag and we encourage everyone to continue visiting this wonderful park.”

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