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  • TV star leads cast in terrific production of Saturday Night Fever

    Henry James

    YOU are hit by the pulsating music right at the start of Saturday Night Fever and it never relents throughout the show.

    This soundtrack from the film is the second most popular of all time - and it is not hard to see why.

    It includes some of the Bee Gees' greatest hits, such as Stayin’ Alive and Night Fever.

    The show's gritty story stands on its own as well, even without the music, and has been directed by Bill Kenwright who has been watching in the auditorium of the Liverpool Empire where the production can be seen this week.

    Richard Windsor plays Tony Manero, the role made famous by John Travolta. Audiences may remember him as Cal in Casualty, a similar character to Tony and also a ladies’ man.

    However Richard uses more of his ballet training here and in particular after tragedy hits his life in the second half of the show. He also leads the dancing throughout the show.

    The dancing is slick and the company needs a mention. It looked like they are all enjoying being in this production.

    Some of the cast have solo numbers too. Annette (Anna Campkin) who loves Tony, but finds her love is not returned, gives a good rendition of If I Can’t Have You, sung by Yvonne Elliman on the movie soundtrack.

    Bobby C (Raphael Pace) who has the weight of the world on his shoulders, also sings Tragedy. Stephanie (Kate Parr) performs What Kind of Fool.

    The action takes part on many levels and there are some realistic backdrops, which accurately show the famous New York skyline. They include the Brooklyn Bridge.

    I liked the fact too that the band is on stage with the actors as it made them part of the action.

    Saturday Night Fever can be seen at the Empire until this Saturday.

    Disco lives 9/10

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