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  • 3,134 drivers caught out by ‘speed on green’ traffic light cameras in one month

    Henry James

    MORE than 3,000 drivers have been caught out in just one month by speed cameras installed at two traffic light junctions in the borough.

    The ‘speed on green’ safety cameras were introduced at the end of January by the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership in a bid to reduce speeding and the number of collisions at junctions.

    The first speed on green cameras to be installed in Sefton were located at the Crosby Road South/Cambridge Road junction in Crosby and Northway(A59)/ Hall Lane junction in Maghull and since their introduction, 3,134 drivers have been caught speeding through lights.

    The cameras not only detect when a driver has contravened a red traffic light signal at a junction but will also record the speed of those vehicles travelling above the speed limit through the junction, regardless of the colour of the traffic light signal.

    Merseyside Police revealed that at the Crosby site in February, 1,546 drivers were detected driving at an excessive speed, above the 30mph speed limit. Of those, 1,383 have been offered a Speed Awareness Course.

    At the Maghull site, 1,588 drivers were detected with 1,320 offered a course.

    Police say the number of drivers caught speeding has fallen each week since the lights were first installed.

    At the Crosby site, 539 drivers were detected in the first week but after five weeks, this had dropped to 249.

    A similar trend was seen in Maghull with a reduction in detections from 445 to 156.

    The cameras could soon be installed at other locations in Merseyside.

    Jayne Eaton, from the Safer Roads Unit at the Partnership said: “These cameras have been introduced to improve safety on roads by influencing the speed of drivers at junctions and reducing the risk of a crash. During the first month at these two sites, they appear to have done just that.”

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