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  • Beach group start plastic campaign

    Tom Martin

    VOLUNTEERS who help look after Crosby beach have launched a campaign against the use of single-use plastic.

    Friends of Crosby Beach have been inspired by national calls for less reliance on  the everyday use of  plastic, such as throwaway plastic cups, straws and cutlery, which end up damaging wildlife and marine life.

    Each year 400 million tonnes of plastic is produced and 40% of it is single-use, meaning it is only used once before being thrown away.

    More than eight million tonnes of plastic enters the world's seas each year, with most of that coming from land, but the majority of man-made plastics are not bio-degradable, meaning they will not rot. In addition, not all plastic can be recycled.

    For sea birds and larger marine creatures, the danger comes from being entangled in plastic bags and other debris, or mistaking plastic for food.

    Larger pieces of plastic can also damage the digestive systems of animals and can be potentially fatal.

    A spokesperson for Friends of Crosby Beach said: “We’ve all seen the horrifying pictures of seas and rivers choked with plastic, or marine life and wildlife dead because they have choked on plastic or starved to death with their stomachs full of plastic.

    “That’s not all, plastic breaks down into minute particles which might not kill fish but could end up in the food chain, so we would be eating the very rubbish we have thrown away.

    “We can look at our own use of plastic – and make sure we use it over and over again and when it’s no longer needed, dispose of it responsibly and use compostable/recyclable alternatives where we can”.

    Sefton Council recently unanimously passed a motion proposed by Cllr Diane Roscoe from Blundellsands to reduce its own use and the use of its partners, of single-use plastic and to encourage the people of Sefton to switch to alternatives.

    There’s more information on plastic and the harm it does on the Friends of Crosby Beach website, as well as  details of alternatives and links to marine conservation organisations which are leading the fight nationally against plastic.

    The group's next monthly beach clean is on Sunday, October 14.

    For more information about this event, visit their website: www.focb.org.uk

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