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  • Developers submit new application as part of town-centre regeneration scheme

    Henry James

    THE developers behind the proposed regeneration of Skelmersdale town centre have put in a new planning application to seek approval for the Lidl store proposal, as well as other changes to the approved plans.

    St Modwen has agreed terms with Lidl and B&M stores to take units in the development on land to the south of Ingram, Birch Green.

    The new application also includes approval for changes to different blocks at the development and for changes to car park layout.

    The developers have said that the Lidl store would use modern materials and extensive glazing. It has been included in the new planning application as its size is above the relevant floorspace threshold.

    Developers add that improvements to the appearance of the Tawd Valley will enhance “views and increase usage of the associated parkland and paths, and by overlooking will open up the Tawd and improve natural surveillance of the area and create a more open and safer environment.”

    St Modwen aim to “further improve” the streetscape by creating linkages between the Concourse centre and new college. They add: “This will create a more open appearance and feel to the town centre and create a thoroughfare to each of the respective areas.”

    They comment that lighting and CCTV will result in a trading environment which is “attractive” and minimise the prospect of anti-social behaviour.

    St Modwen want the development to meet diverse needs. They say the development aims to be “highly accessible” and provide opportunities for the less mobile to move around the site.

    In a design and access statement for the new planning application, Aylward Town Planning Ltd. looked at parking at the development and come to the conclusion that there can be “no significant adverse impact upon the operation of the highway network that would warrant refusal, and the commitment to facilities for non-car modes weigh in favour of the development.”

    They also state that the scheme follows national and development plan policy.

    Councillors have until October 5 to respond to the application.

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