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  • Comedian adds Southport date to his Juggling On A Motorbike - 30th Anniversary Tour

    Henry James

    DAVE Spikey, who celebrated 30 years in comedy in 2017 with his Juggling On A Motorbike - 30TH Anniversary Tour – has added more dates including a gig at Southport’s Atkinson on Friday, October 26 at 7.30pm.

    The tour sees the Lancashire based comic look back on his life and journey from working class lad to Chief Biomedical Scientist to much loved comedy performer and writer via Phoenix Nights, Eight out of Ten Cats, Dead Man Weds, Magnolia, The Royal Variety Show, Parkinson and many more.

    So what can audiences expect from the show? Spikey responded: “It’s the story of my 30 year journey in comedy from my first gig in 1987 to this current show which I started touring last year in 2017. But more than that, a look at the years before – my formative years - that helped mould me into the person, who when given the opportunity to make a massive jump from Biomedical Science to Professional Comedian embraced and took that chance.

    “So expect stories of my working class childhood, living in that idiomatic world that kids do where I shouldn’t be impatient because “a watched kettle never boils” (it does, I tried it). The great influence that my parents and grandparents exerted on me especially my crazy grandma who warned me that if I burped, hiccuped and farted at the same time I’d turn inside out. My passing the 11 plus and going to Grammar school and meeting my great friend Derek Rigby who was according to my Grandma was “Daft as a Brush” – which he was. A brush.”

    Spikey had been working in the NHS for 19 years as a Biomedical Scientist, when in 1987 someone uttered the immortal words – “you’re really funny, you should be a comedian” and for some reason he took them seriously!

    Only a few short months later he was crowned the winner of the national talent show Stairway to the Stars. Larry Grayson, one of the judges, told him that it was a close run thing on the night but what clinched the award for Dave was his routine about a juggler on a motorbike.

    Fast forward 13 years (is that possible?) to Friday, October 13 2000 – the day Dave switched off his microscope for the last time in the Haematology Laboratory. The followign Monday he found himself sitting on a rain-swept car park dressed as a giant Berry!! Dave often reflects that maybe none of this would have happened and he might still be looking down his microscope today if it wasn’t for the juggler on the motorbike!

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