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  • Campaigners in call for a total eclipse of The Sun!

    Henry James

    A CAMPAIGN group has been set up to stop a national newspaper being sold in Skelmersdale.

    Clare Hargreaves, 55, from Castlehey, and three others have launched the campaign called Skem Against The S#n after seeing the paper being sold in Asda in the town.

    They were at the supermarket on Saturday (November 18) with a banner, a petition and flyers, which people could take to the store manager asking for the paper to be taken off the shelves.

    The petition has collected more than 1,000 signatures already.

    Clare said: “We want to see the paper off the shelves in Skelmersdale.

    “We are starting with Asda. If we are successful with that store, this could have a knock-on effect with smaller independent stores who will want to do the same.


    “It will take as long as it takes. We have set up a steering group and there are four of us on it. We are from Old Skelmersdale, Ashurst and Digmoor.

    “We are against the paper for a number of reasons. The main reason is for their reporting of the Hillsborough disaster. There are families from Skelmersdale who lost relatives at Hillsborough.

    “Other factors include the way it portrays women.

    “It is just an atrocious paper, and I am struggling to say anything positive about it.”

    The group has had the support of West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper and borough councillors, including Terry Aldridge and Claire Cooper.

    Total Eclipse of The S#n, which also wants the paper banned, has also backed the campaign, as have Margaret Aspinall and Sue Roberts of the Hillsborough Family Support group.

    Clare added: “We have asked Asda in Skelmersdale to remove the paper from the shelves but they have not, as they have said they have had no previous complaints. However, people have told us on social media that they have complained about this and nothing has been done.

    “The paper is banned from all Asdas in Liverpool, so why not in Skelmersdale which has a big connection with the city?

    “We know people who work in store who don’t want to handle it.

    “The council has recommended that the paper not be sold in newsagents in West Lancashire and has written to them.

    “However they cannot stop places selling the paper. If all Aldi stores in the North West do not stock the paper, why can’t Asda do the same?”

    The group has persuaded pubs to put their posters up, as well as shops in the Concourse.

    Skem Against The S#n has had a banner donated to them by N Vision who have also produced leaflets for them at a reduced cost. They also have the support of the Engine Rooms in Old Skelmersdale.

    An Asda spokesperson said: “Some products divide opinion but we will keep listening to customers’ opinions and monitor sales of the Sun there.”

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