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  • Skelmersdale shoe manufacturer puts best foot forward to fight global poverty

    Henry James

    HOTTER, the UK’s largest shoe manufacturer which is based in Skelmersdale, has stepped up to fight global poverty.

    They have donated 1,000 pairs of new shoes to Soles4Souls- a non-profit social enterprise that creates sustainable jobs and provides relief to people in need through the distribution of shoes and clothing.

    Through its disaster relief, free distribution and micro-enterprise programs, Soles4Souls has distributed more than 30 million pairs of new and used shoes in 127 countries since 2006.

    “We are a strong supporter of Soles4Souls’ mission and we hope the shoes we have sent will help them in their quest to disrupt the cycle of poverty around the globe,” said Hotter CEO Sara Prowse.

    The World Bank estimates that approximately 900 million people, 400 million of which are children, live on less than $1.90 per day. Millions of these children don’t have access to adequate footwear resulting in significant ramifications for their health and well-being.

    Tens of millions are at risk of infection from soil-transmitted parasitic diseases like hookworm, that can cause lasting suffering and lifelong debilitation. Meanwhile many adults don’t have access to sustainable employment.

    “Our first donation of 1,000 pairs was packed by a team of 24 volunteers who swapped their desk jobs for an evening of packing shoes,” said Prowse. “We were packing 18 shoes per minute, which was a great achievement for colleagues who had spent a day at their desks before rolling up their sleeves and getting busy with shoes and boxes.”

    Hotter’s donation was supported by shipping partner Hermes, who delivered the 48 boxes of shoes to Soles4Souls free of charge.

    “We are so thankful for Hotter’s generous support,” said Buddy Teaster, president and CEO of Soles4Souls. “We believe that everyone deserves a good pair of shoes, and this donation will help us provide much-needed relief to many in need.”

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