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    Henry James

    DRIVERS have slammed a double U-turn by Sefton Council over a rat run road block in Thornton as a ‘farce’ - after a barrier was erected, removed, then put back up again - all within the space of seven days.

    The council erected barriers at the entrance to Edgemoor Drive at its junction with the busy Moor Lane on Monday, January 29 following complaints from residents that drivers had been using the road as a ‘rat run’ which had led to lengthy queues of traffic building up outside their homes.

    It was supposed to be in place for up to three months as a trial period.

    But just four days after it was installed, the road block was removed by the council - after complaints from drivers that it had caused traffic chaos at peak times on other roads in the area.

    It is understood that ward councillors in the area had also pressed for the barriers to be removed.

    But just two days later the barriers were put back up again as the council decided to reinstate the original trial.

    The situation left drivers bemused but some residents relieved. One motorist who travels along Moor Lane every day to work said: “I was made up when I saw the road blockage had been removed over the weekend.

    “I thought the council had finally seen some sense and realised what a stupid idea it was in the first place.

    “Then when I was on my way to work I saw it was back up again!

    “What an absolute farce! It’s back to being grid locked!”

    The Champion reported last week how one driver had claimed the road block had “turned Moor Lane into a car park” with huge queues of traffic leading to lengthy increases in journey times for motorists.

    One man who lives on the nearby estate said a lot of residents had been glad when the barrier was removed as it left them feeling ‘kettled in.’

    Others, however, believe blocking the road actually improved traffic flow.

    One resident said: “I'm in favour of the road getting blocked off as traffic actually improved around Moor Lane. I actually get home quicker than beforehand.”

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    Another said: “Good news! A fair trial, as planned, can now continue.”

    The reintroduction of the barrier is likely to please most residents on Edgemoor Drive itself, most of whom had voted in favour of it being blocked in a consultation.

    Paul Hayes, said: “Some smaller roads may seen a small increase in traffic but nothing like the nightmare the residents on Edgemoor have had to put up with.”

    Other residents had complained about the road being choked with lorries and buses and their own cars being damaged by passing traffic (see Champion letters page.)

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