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  • Group to stage political drama

    By Ron Ellis

    SDC’s Letter of Resignation at the Little Theatre

    1963 was a pivotal year in British politics. The scandals of Christine Keeler and Profumo were rocking the government with Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, seeming like an outdated old fogey, an Edwardian grandee lost in a world of The Beatles and Carnaby Street.

    When Profumo hands in his letter of resignation, the fuse is lit for the revelation of a spying scandal unprecedented in modern times.

    Hugh Whitemore’s play, however, is concerned more with Macmillan’s private life, notably his wife Dorothy’s affair with the bisexual Scottish peer, Lord Boothby.

    Directed by Robin Hirsch, this intelligent and often humorous drama explores the corrupt personal and political morality of the era.

    John Sharp takes on the role of Macmillan, made famous by Edward Fox, while Carole Chessell is Lady Dorothy. Other parts are played by Diane Mackley, Andrew Sloman and Mike Stowel.

    The play opens on Friday, February 23 until Saturday, March 3 at 7.30p.m. Tickets from the Box Office Tel. 01704 530521/530460

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