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  • Bobby excited to be stopping off at Empire with Summer Holiday

    Henry James

    VETERAN entertainer Bobby Crush who has recently appeared on TV in Last Laugh in Vegas can be seen on stage this week in Summer Holiday, when it makes its first stop at the Liverpool Empire.

    Bobby will play the role of Jerry, the long-suffering agent, for the first eight weeks of the tour in the show that is based on the iconic 1960s film of the same name, starring Cliff Richard and The Shadows.

    He has been famous in the UK for 45 years mainly as a pianist, but also as a songwriter, actor, broadcaster and television presenter. He rose to fame after six winning appearances on Opportunity Knocks (ITV).

    Bobby explained a bit about the character he is playing: “Jerry is the agent of a female American pop star who is feeling pressurised and wants to get away from it all. She disguises herself as a boy in order to join our boys on the London bus on the trip to Greece.

    “I am her agent chasing her to go back to work. I do this in tandem with Stella who is a typical stage mother. She is trying to live her life through Barbara. She wanted to be a star herself but never got the opportunity.

    “Jerry does not know what he is doing. He is chasing the bus around Switzerland, Italy, Greece in order to nab this girl and bring her back to work, so she can make hit records.”

    Summer Holiday includes all of the number one hits from the movie and some more Cliff Richard classics. Bobby said Summer Holiday is a family show and commented: “All of the songs in the musical are recognisable and in the past have been Cliff Richard hits. They include: The Young Ones, In The Country, The Next Time and the title song Summer Holiday.

    “It is set in the 60s when the fashions were garish and we take audiences back to a more innocent age. These days we tend to be a bit more cynical. All the songs have stood the test of time. These songs are really well constructed and well crafted.

    “It is a family show that people from eight to eighty will enjoy.”

    The stage show for Summer Holiday sticks to a similar storyline to the film, but there are differences. Bobby explained: “Weaved into our show are lots of different bits that weren’t in the original film.

    “In this show I also play the piano. I don’t think the original Jerry played the piano.”

    Bobby has had a varied career in show business and commented: “I started off as a pianist but realised very early in the game that the way to survive is to develop other skills. Over the years I have had acting lessons, singing lessons and dancing. It has allowed me to pick up offers of pantos and musicals and things away from the keyboard.”

    Taking on the lead role of Don made famous by Cliff Richard, is singer-songwriter Ray Quinn, Bobby said: “I have loved working in this production with people such as Ray Quinn. Ray is on home ground in Liverpool and it is really going to take off when he appears. We are all very excited.”

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