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by Henry James (July 2019)

AN entry in this year’s Maghull and Lydiate Scarecrow Festival may have inadvertently helped a campaign for a speed camera to be placed on a sharp bend in the road between Mairscough Lane and Southport Road.

In May, the Champion highlighted how residents were concerned about the speed motorists were doing along the road in Lydiate, and how they wanted some sort of deterrent put in place.

At the time a woman was nearly struck by a vehicle after the driver lost control and hit a lamppost.

Since then there has been a number of incidents.

Recently a woman drove into Church View Farm and did not see a motorbike, which went over the bonnet of her car. Luckily no-one was badly injured.

Then a couple of weeks ago a car went into the slow down sign, and the driver sustained minor injuries.

Now along this stretch of road a scarecrow, which is holding a speed gun, has appeared.

It is the creation of Parish Councillor Edie Pope and it is her entry for the Maghull and Lydiate Scarecrow Festival.

The scarecrow was stolen last Friday night and was found this weekend on Punnels Lane in Lydiate.

Whoever had taken it had tried to set it alight. But the scarecrow is now repaired and back in position.

Edie Pope said: “I started the festival five years ago after losing a daughter at Woodlands Hospice and I wanted to raise money for it.

“I placed this scarecrow with a speed gun in the hope drivers might slow down and it is slowing all the drivers all down.

“They are doing 40mph instead of 80mph.

“Some people are even stopping in a safe place to see if it really is a police officer. It does look real.

“I might leave it up after the carnival ends on July 22!

“This might help our bid to get a speed camera. Someone is going to get killed on this stretch of road.

“We have been told that it would cost between £70,000 to £90,000 to get a speed camera put in place, but the authorities would get this money back through fines.

“People have come to the farm shop and commented that we need this all the time. It has slowed the road down.

“Wednesday night is bike night at the Scotch Piper and 99% of the riders who attend abide by the law.

“However there is the 1% who do donuts along the roads including this one. They should not be allowed on the roads.”

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