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Pupils learn how to become a ‘Dementia Friend’

Pupils learn how to become a ‘Dementia Friend’

by Danielle Thompson (July 2019)

YOUNGSTERS from a primary school in Southport have spent an hour learning how to become a 'Dementia Friend.'

A total of 32 Year Five pupils aged nine-10 at Bishop David Sheppard Church of England Primary School on Devonshire Road took part in the workshop organised by Dementia Friends Champion, Joe Sherville, as part of the Alzheimer’s Society programme, to change perceptions of dementia.

He spoke about the physical, emotional and social implications of dementia and the fear of being stigmatised if you have the condition. He also spoke about what memory loss means for those living with dementia in their day-to-day life; how their living environment needs to be adapted; and how money or appliances may be different to what they are expecting.

He added: “Some of the children on the session visited Hesketh Park Lodge to sing for the residents which was brilliant and when they returned they all had a better understanding of dementia.

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