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Youngsters enjoyed free golf lessons through the summer

Youngsters enjoyed free golf lessons through the summer

by Danielle Thompson (September 2019)

YOUNGSTERS enjoyed free golf lessons for the third year running as part of a month-long initiative by coaches at Southport Old Links Golf Club.

Nick Jennings, who is a PGA professional golf instructor from Royal Birkdale Golf Club assisted by John Doran the junior organiser for the Moss Lane club coached upto 25 boys and girls who had never played golf before or been associated with a golf club every Thursday through out August,

John Doran said: “The children were given the opportunity to play golf using drivers, irons as well learning how to play, bunker shots, chipping and putting. They even got to play a few holes on our course. This year's event, for the first time was sponsored by the Ben Guatrey Foundation (BGF).

“Every child was presented with not only a certificate for participating but also, they were presented with a Southprot Old Links (SOL) T-Shirt which included the BGF logo. Earlier in the year the BGF agreed to be involved with the Junior section at SOL and sponsor all existing and new junior members with a club personalised Polo Shirt.

“The Junior section at SOL has grown in the last three years. Upto 40 boys and girls, aged between 6 to 18 years old, take part each week in any one of the three different golf competitions held at the club. It has also given them the experience of being coached by a professional golfing coach and to mix with other children and make new friends. The very young children enjoy the 1 putt bar of chocolate competition. Each child has 1 putt to sink their shot. The winner takes home a chocolate bar. Even the parents have been known to join in to win the chocolate bar. It's become that popular.

“First year junior membership costs £50. Group coaching is held at Royal Birkdale for our juniors, as well as coaching lessons and games every Saturday at SOL. Anybody interested in their children getting into and wanting to become a member of SOL then please contact the Club Manager or Secretary on 01704228207. Every new member will receive a club Polo shirt with their name on it.”

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