Professor Alice Roberts gives 'engaging talk' at city theatre

Professor Alice Roberts gives 'engaging talk' at city theatre

by Henry James (September 2019)

THE broadcaster Alice Roberts brought her Digging Into Britain’s Past tour to the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool on Saturday, September 7.

It was an engaging look at her working life so far, and also an exploration of the different eras of time.

She explained that she had started her career by studying medicine at the University of Wales College of Medicine. She was then a junior doctor for a short time at the National Health Service in South Wales.

Roberts told the capacity audience she went onto become a lecturer at the University of Bristol.

We learnt that her TV break had come on the programme, Time Team Live, back in 2001 in an episode looking at Anglo-Saxon burials at Breamore, Hampshire. It was clear to see that she had enjoyed her time on this programme and she spoke fondly of working with the team and the archaeologist, Mick Aston, who died in 2013.

Her talk was varied and she broke up her speech, which was amusing and light-hearted, with video clips and images.

Roberts is also known for her work on the series BBC Coast. She said that originally BBC bosses were unsure if it would be a success as it was made out of London. However it proved to be a hit with audiences and has now run for many numerous series and is often repeated.

The second part of the evening looked at the different stages of time, such as the Iron Age and the Stone Age. The talk closed with a question and answer session. 8/10

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