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Warning after teenagers are kicked, punched and hit with tree branches in brutal bike robbery

Warning after teenagers are kicked, punched and hit with tree branches in brutal bike robbery

by Danielle Thompson (March 2020)

TWO teenagers were beaten up by yobs who threatened to stab them during a bicycle robbery at Freshfield Pinewoods.

The 19 year olds, who are both from Formby and do not wish to be named, had been for a long ride through the woods on Monday, March 23 with two other friends, also 19, when they stopped for a rest at around 4pm.

A group of young men aged 16-20 emerged from the woods and while two of the group of friends were able to get away, two were brutally attacked by the gang.

The gang kicked and punched them and hit them with heavy branches that they had broken off nearby trees before taking their bikes, which were worth around £500 each. They were left with cuts and bruises on their faces, arms and ribs.

When one of the two friends chased after the gang tried to wrestle his bike back, one gang member told him that he was ‘from Norris Green and would stab him in a heartbeat.’

The mum of one of the injured teenagers told the Champion that they want others to be aware so they aren’t targeted too.

She said: “It’s awful what happened to them and they were left quite shaken.

“We want people to be on their guard because we believe that the group were lying in wait for victims along the cycle path – and this was a vicious attack that has left them both feeling nervous that it could happen again. A park ranger told them that it had also happened to someone else too in the same area, it’s appears to be a targeted crime.”

Merseyside Police confirmed that two mountain bikes were stolen during the robbery and that an investigation is ongoing.

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