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Thank you all, wherever you are and wherever you work!

Thank you all, wherever you are and wherever you work!

by Danielle Thompson (April 2020)

FIRSTLY I must confess to having something of a personal interest in the subject I want to have a few words about - being over the age of 70 - but I will attempt to be dispassionate about it so far as is possible.

Of late, there has been an increasing number of programmes on the radio where folk who presumably think for some reason they are more qualified to give their opinions than you or I.

The subject is whether, given the shortage of ventilators, young folk would be shuffled to the top of the queue while folk such as I can literally be sentenced to death because (though of course it's not said) we are considered old and useless and in the way.

Now I honestly do not know what my choice would be if asked to give up my ventilator for a younger person - though I think that perhaps I should at least be asked my opinion at the time.

But think on this. What would the decision be if it came down to a choice of saving, say, a 73 year old Einstein or a 23 year old rapist?

Or for that matter an elderly former football icon or a young drug dealer?

Yet if it comes down to choosing between an apparently 'ordinary' man or woman aged 70-plus or a similarly 'ordinary' young man or woman would anyone think of looking at the older person's lifetime achievements? Or for that matter, what they might yet achieve in the future?

I remember how bitter my late brother George and I felt when our 88 year old mum was shunted into a single room and effectively left to die at a large hospital. And the only justification for that was that her chance of recovery was extremely unlikely.

But it does seem to me that this should be the only criteria for taking a life in the present situation - for who knows what the older person might be worth?

But enough about death.

It is marvellous how people have taken our wonderful NHS workers to their hearts - they are heroes and heroines, all of them.

There is another group though who seem largely to have been forgotten. The men and women who work inside our supermarkets, serving our needs - and in some cases, greeds - with very little protection from the coronavirus. Without them we wouldn't be chuntering about ignorant people hoarding food - nobody would be able to buy any anyway!

It was suggested to me the other day that something should be done to mark their heroism, yes, heroism, day after day to provide the rest of us with food. So how about a sort of Bank Holiday for shop workers (and the rest of us).

Different from a 'normal' Bank Holiday though - this would be like Sundays of yesteryear (which us oldies can still remember) where all the larger stores were shut and their employees too could actually enjoy a proper day off?

Writing this though I have suddenly realised that I (not being 'online') will never see it in print - and there are still quite a few of us non-computer freaks about - so perhaps you could spread this idea around if you agree that shop workers deserve our sincere thanks?

I know too that there are many other workers putting their health on the line in order to keep the country going - delivery drivers, postmen, my old favourite bus drivers and many, many more often working unseen but vital anyway. And they are mainly the ones who could not benefit from my Bank Holiday.

So thank you all, wherever you are and wherever you work.

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