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A ‘much loved mum’ who worked in an 'unsung hero role' for the NHS has died from the coronavirus

A ‘much loved mum’ who worked in an 'unsung hero role' for the NHS has died from the coronavirus

by Danielle Thompson (April 2020)

A ‘much loved mum’ who worked for the NHS at Aintree University Hospital has died from the coronavirus.

Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have confirmed the death of patient discharge planner Barbara Moore who passed away on Monday, April 6, aged 54, at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, after testing positive for the virus.

Barbara had joined the hospital team after spending most of her career as a care worker for people with disabilities.

Dianne Brown, Chief Nurse of Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Barbara’s loss is an awful blow to us all, and she will be missed so much by all of her colleagues. I have offered our sincere condolences and our support to her family at this time of their sad loss.

“Barbara was a patient discharge planner, which is one of our unsung hero roles.

“Many people don’t think about the work of patient discharge planners when they think of a hospital. But Barbara’s dedication to helping patients get safely out of hospital meant that people returned to their loved ones as soon and as simply as possible. She will be terribly missed.”

A spokesperson for Barbara’s family said: “Barbara was a much loved wife, mum, nan, sister, aunty, friend and beautiful person. She dedicated her life to caring for others and doted on her two beautiful children and grandchildren. She loved nothing more than spending precious time with her family. Barbara will be sadly missed by so many.”

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