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Lancashire's PCC urges people to stay at home as over Easter weekend as the 'weather warms up and lockdown fatigue sets in'

Lancashire's PCC urges people to stay at home as over Easter weekend as the 'weather warms up and lockdown fatigue sets in'

by Danielle Thompson (April 2020)

Lancashire's Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw is urging people to stay at home as the Easter weekend approaches, the weather warms up and 'lockdown fatigue’ sets in.

With Lancashire's coastline and countryside, there are concerns these places may become busier, with police needed to fight crime rather than deter day-trippers and local residents from popular beauty spots.

Clive Grunshaw said: "Many people will enjoy days off over the Easter weekend but these should not be days out.

“I’m urging residents and those who may have plans to travel this weekend to stay at home. Do not make our county any more vulnerable to this virus and please do not put any unnecessary strain on our emergency workers.

"I know this is a frightening time for people and we understand the huge sacrifices people are already making – but it's important to remember that our country is currently facing one of the biggest challenges in its history and we all have a responsibility to protect our communities.

“The message from the Chief Constable and I is that the new policing powers will only be used as a last resort. The police will instead try to engage with and educate people. The new powers are there to protect us all. People found ignoring police advice are putting themselves and others in danger, Now, is the time for each and every one of us to take responsibility for our own actions.

“Please stick to the government rules and only leave the house if it’s for one of the reasons set out. Ask yourself is this journey I am planning essential? Stay close to home to exercise and if you need to drive, only drive a reasonable distance.

“The weeks and months ahead will be the toughest we have faced for a long, long time. I’m proud of how the majority of residents in Lancashire have adapted to this crisis and I want to see us all continuing to stay at home. It is making a difference.”

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