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Dad of two creates children's story to encourage youngsters to brush their teeth

Dad of two creates children's story to encourage youngsters to brush their teeth

by Danielle Thompson (April 2020)

A DAD of two was inspired to write a children’s book after nightly battles trying to get his young daughter to brush her teeth!

Jason John Whitehouse-Strudwick lives in Litherland with his wife and two daughters. The 47 year old, who works in the legal system, turned his hand to writing earlier this year and now his paperback Loopy Lolly Lick is available on Amazon for £6.99.

Jason told the Champion: “My eldest daughter, Olivia, did not like brushing her teeth as a young child, when she was about two years old and this story helped to reassure her that it was nothing to be afraid of.

“She is now 16 and I started to read it to my youngest daughter, Harriet, who is four. My youngest daughter wanted to know where the pictures in the story were so I searched for a great illustrator, found one and took the publishing plunge for the first time.

“Loopy Lolly Lick makes brushing teeth fun for your little ones. Loopy Lolly Lick will show them what can happen if you do not brush your teeth and eating too many sugary treats can do to their teeth! Luckily with Loopy Lolly Lick’s help and advice, along with this fun crocodile story we can brushing teeth time fun!

“I have 20 more stories with weird and wonderful names to publish so if this one does well watch this space.”

To buy the book, go to https://www.amazon.co.uk and search for Loopy Lolly Lick.

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