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Apprentices have gone ‘above and beyond’ in the healthcare industry during the coronavirus pandemic

Apprentices have gone ‘above and beyond’ in the healthcare industry during the coronavirus pandemic

by Danielle Thompson (April 2020)

APPRENTICES from Hugh Baird College have been ‘working tirelessly to help support the healthcare industry’ and have gone ‘above and beyond’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

Health, Social Care, Nursing and Dental students from the Balliol Road, Bootle college have been working at various hospitals, care homes, supported living accommodation and dentist practices across the region. Students from across the department have increased their working hours to help support employers with the coronavirus outbreak and some students even undertook further training to help patients who need ventilation support.

Debbie Stock, Hugh Baird College’s Health and Care Delivery co-ordinator, said: “A big thank you to all of our students for going above and beyond their current practices, I am blown away by the support I have witnessed our students give to not only their patience’s, but also the support they have given each other during this pandemic.

“All students have proven to go above and beyond, putting the lives of patients before themselves by working overtime and in some cases, leaving their families for up to 12 weeks to stay in their places of work to ensure they can care for the needs of others.”

Some of the College’s students, who were initially on volunteer placements, have now successfully achieved full-time employment in order to help support local healthcare providers such as, care homes and assisted living accommodation.

Stephanie Butler, Hugh Baird College’s Course Leader for Health and Social Care, added: “As a team of lecturers, we are immensely proud of all of our Health, Social Care, Nursing and Dental students, and have the up most admiration for them working at this critical time.

“Our students, whilst studying a full academic timetable, are now working within vital community and NHS roles within our local area, supporting those who are most vulnerable. They are significantly improving the lives of others.

“These students are young heroes, our health care professionals of the future who have put others needs before their own. They have shown professionalism, courage and selflessness. We are overwhelmed at how they have stepped up to the current challenge.

“Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.”

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