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You can help to reduce ocean pollution - even when on lockdown!

You can help to reduce ocean pollution - even when on lockdown!

by Danielle Thompson (April 2020)

A NEW campaign is being launched to encourage North West residents to ‘do their bit for the environment – even on lockdown!’

LOVEmyBEACH is a campaign based in the North West focusing on improving bathing water. The new campaign ‘Wipe Out Ocean Plastic’ - or WOOP! - is aimed at young people, young women in particular, and seeks to raise awareness of the fact that many of the products they most commonly use such as wet wipes and period care products contain plastic. When disposed of incorrectly, these can end up in our oceans, on our beaches and harm wildlife.

Around 11billion wet wipes are used in the UK each year and are the cause of 80 per cent of sewer blockages, costing £100 million a year. In addition, 1.5 billion period care products are flushed every year in the UK. Sadly, plastic waste kills around one million seabirds and 100,000 mammals every year.

Zephie Begolo, LOVEmyBEACH campaign manager said: “The vast majority of wet wipes and period care products are made of plastic that don’t break down in sewers. This can harm the environment in two ways: firstly, by causing sewer blockages and ‘fatbergs’ which can lead to sewer systems being overwhelmed and overflowing during times of increased rainfall, which can also lead to floods. And secondly, if they end up on beaches and in the ocean, they can cause serious harm to the environment and to wildlife.

“The good news is that we can all play a big part in protecting our oceans and wildlife by making some simple changes in our day-to-day lives.”

The WOOP! campaign encourages people to only throw single use items containing plastic in the bin and to never flush them down the loo. LOVEmyBEACH is also encouraging young women to look for alternatives on the market that won’t do as much damage to the environment, such as menstrual cups, ‘fine to flush’ wet wipes and period products that do not contain plastic.

Zephie added: “People might be wondering what they can do to help the environment while they are on lock down and spending a lot of time at home. In fact, there are lots of things we can do to protect our oceans and wildlife, even if we are nowhere near the coast.”

They have shared three steps to protect the environment from the comfort of your own home:

- Never flush wet wipes, period products or anything else down the loo, unless it’s one of the 3 P’s – Pee, Poo and Paper!

- Always dispose of these unflushable items in a bin. It’s so easy and has a big impact.

- Look out for sustainable products that don’t contain plastic, such as reusable make up wipes, biodegradable pads and tampons or menstrual cups.

People can get involved in the campaign by sharing their pictures of how they are helping to Wipe Out Ocean Plastic and using the hashtag #WOOP!

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