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More than 2,800 wildlife species are spotted across the North West in just four days

More than 2,800 wildlife species are spotted across the North West in just four days

by Danielle Thompson (May 2020)

MORE than 500 people have taken part in a special wildlife-spotting challenge which recorded more than 2,800 species across the North West.

The City Nature Challenge encourages people from across the globe to collect vital new records of wildlife. This year, 535 people recorded 16,202 new observations of 2,866 different species in the North West over the four day challenge – while globally, 821,129 new wildlife records were made.

Fiona Whitfield, senior conservation officer at The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside: “City Nature Challenge is a fantastic way to get more people interested in wildlife recording and citizen science as a whole. This is our second year taking part and we are excited to see more and more people taking part each year and hopefully it provides a great opportunity to learn something new or to start exploring more ways to support local wildlife.

“Wildlife records are a really important resource to conservation organisations and charities like our own and help us build up a better picture of how a particular area or species are faring at a local level and how they might be responding to habitat losses or improvements, and climate change.”

Visit https://www.lancswt.org.uk or https://www.citynaturechallenge.org to find out more.

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