24-hour Rock Choir Festival will be held in support of Mental Health Awareness Week

24-hour Rock Choir Festival will be held in support of Mental Health Awareness Week

by Danielle Thompson (May 2020)

A 24 hour Rock Choir Festival fundraiser will be held by Rock Choir from 11am on Tuesday, May 19 in support of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Rock Choir is the largest contemporary choir in the UK with 32,000 members. Throughout the day and night, the Rock Choir Team will host an energetic schedule of dynamic singing sessions, themed musical events, songs from the decades and social musical events as well as sessions aimed at teenagers and younger children meaning the whole family can join in!

Local Rock Choir Leader, Anthony Seaman, who looks after the Choirs in Southport, Birkenhead, Ormskirk, Maghull, West Kirby and Liverpool, will be leading some of the live sessions at the Fundraiser.

Mixed up with the musical content will be live and pre-recorded footage and video messages from Key Worker Rock Choir Members who will share their stories from the front line in response to the pandemic. Also highlighted will be stories about inspirational acts of kindness from across the UK to reinforce the theme of Kindness which Mental Health Awareness Week has adopted for this year in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Rock Choir Team has also been receiving video messages from their celebrity friends and fans including Jess Glynne, Michael Ball and Sir Cliff Richard to name a few. Each have sent in heartfelt messages of kindness, encouragement and support for Rock Choir’s fundraising mission and Mental Health Awareness Week. These messages will also be shown throughout the 24-hour period.

Caroline Redman Lusher the Founder, Creator and Creative Director of Rock Choir will host the event. She said: “Rock Choir has been looking after the well-being of the British public for 15 years now and I knew that we would need to ensure that we continued to support not only our Rock Choir Members but also the needs of the public as lockdown continued and anxiety, stress and difficulties developed through this time. Over the years, we have developed a unique formula in order to integrate contemporary music and singing into the lives of the public and I am proud that we are continuing to do this through lockdown.

“Our 24-hour Rock Choir National fundraiser on May 19 will not only bring back to back music, singing and entertainment to everyone but will also lift spirits and engage everyone with feel-good and uplifting music. Most importantly, it will help raise awareness of and much needed funds for the Mental Health Foundation who host the national annual Mental Health Awareness Week. I hope everyone will not only support our 24-hour Rock Choir Fundraiser but also become more aware of how every single person in the country and beyond will be trying to manage their own mental well-being through the pandemic and what they can each do to be kind to themselves and to one another.”

Donations can be made via the Facebook Donate option on Rock Choir’s Facebook page as well as a by texting SING5 to donate £5 or SING10 to donate £10 to 70500.

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