Unattended campfire sparks blaze at Ainsdale Pinewoods

Unattended campfire sparks blaze at Ainsdale Pinewoods

by Danielle Thompson (May 2020)

FIREFIGHTERS spent three hours battling a blaze in Ainsdale Pinewoods – which was started by an unattended campfire.

A spokesperson for Merseyside Fire and Rescue urged members of the public after the blaze on May 23: “Do not set fires in open countryside or woodland. They can spread quickly, especially in current conditions, and cause serious damage to the environment and wildlife.”

You can help by reducing the risk of wildfires:

- Take your litter home with you

- Don't throw cigarette ends on the ground

- No fires or BBQs in open country/woodland. Remember, BBQs are banned on and around Sefton's beaches.

In April, firefighters were called out to Formby Pinewoods to deal with a blaze caused by an abandoned barbecue. This was just days after they issued a warning about fires in the woods after a huge fire that took five hours to put out in the dunes at Southport. Crews used beaters and pac-liders to extinguisher the ‘deep seated fire.’

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