Glass artisan shows her love for charity!

Glass artisan shows her love for charity!

by Danielle Thompson (May 2020)

A GLASS maker from Mawdesley has been showing her true colours for charity – by creating rainbow themed hearts!

Julie Langan, a glass artisan whose workshop and gallery are located at Cedar Farm Galleries in Mawdesley, has raised nearly £7,000 for Wigan charity, The Brick’ from the sale of uniquely created fused glass rainbows and rainbow hearts, during the coronavirus crisis.

The Brick provides support for people who are homeless, in crisis or facing poverty and due to the pandemic.and for food parcels from its food bank.

Julie said: “This particular project and The Brick meant so much to me as it is so easy for anybody from any background, through no fault of their own, to suddenly be facing difficult times financially, which in turn can have a massive effect mentally.

“Since the beginning of the lockdown, I wanted to make some items for charity. Rainbows were an obvious choice as they mean so much to everyone in so many different ways.

“For me personally, they symbolise that no matter how desperate a situation seems, there is always something beautiful to look for and that something positive always comes out of every situation, no matter how bleak it feels at the time.

“Rainbows are definitely a real symbol of hope during this crisis.”

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