Champion delivery girl raises more than £800 for charity by taking on a ‘virtual climb of Mount Everest!’

Champion delivery girl raises more than £800 for charity by taking on a ‘virtual climb of Mount Everest!’

by Danielle Thompson (June 2020)

A TEENAGER has raised more than £800 for charity by taking on a ‘virtual climb of Mount Everest!’

Sophie Blakemore, 13, who is a Champion Newspapers distributor from Lydiate, has created a Just Giving page to raise funds for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool and CAMHs, the child adolescent mental health services.

Two years after being diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and being successfully treated by CAMHs, she has chosen to climb the equivalent of the mountain to show how well she has fought the disorder. She will climb 110 flights a day, five days a week, for seven weeks to equal Mt Everest's elevation.

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a common mental health condition where a person has obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours. It can affect men, women and children. Some people start having symptoms early, often around puberty, but it usually starts during early adulthood. It can be distressing and significantly interfere with your life, but treatment can help you keep it under control.

Sophie’s mum, Helen, said: “She has decided to do this to give something back to CAMHS via Alder Hey Children's Hospital who helped her during her journey with OCD.

“For some children, the coronavirus is challenging enough. For Sophie, it has been difficult - with no escape. Sophie was diagnosed with OCD two years ago. This monster got Sophie so bad I couldn't put a plaster on her and kiss her better or tell her it was going to be okay. Nothing worked.

“I ignored her rituals, I also adhered to them in the hope it was just a phase. It wasn't. It got so bad, she would go to school in a wet dress after washing it so much, we all had to constantly wash, I couldn't cuddle or touch her amongst hundreds of other rituals she would enforce on herself and her family.

“One night, after she had been in the shower for more than six hours, I called an ambulance because I had nowhere else to turn. When I called, I apologized but I was desperate for help. My once gorgeous, outgoing, friendly, smiley and happy girl who loved school couldn't do anything. This monster was over taking her life. She would complete rituals before thinking about getting out of bed, it was exhausting for her and everyone around her.

“Sophie was then referred to CAMHS where she had 1 to 1 counselling. After about a year, things began to get better and as a family we started to understand it all. Sophie was taught how to combat this monster and stand up to it whenever it raised it's ugly head. She learnt to believe in herself and believe she was stronger than her OCD.

“The past 3 years have shown me what a strong girls she is. That's why she decided to climb Mt Everest. She will climb 110 flights a day for 5 days a week over 7 weeks to equal Mt Everest's elevation. If anyone could just donate a pound or two, she would be forever grateful as she continues to fight this monster every single day.”

To add to her donations, go to Just Giving and search for Sophie Blakemore.

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