Angela has ‘hands on’ idea!

Angela has ‘hands on’ idea!

by Tom Martin (June 2020)

A WATERLOO pensioner set up a hand sanitiser company during lockdown to support key workers.

Retired civil service worker, Angela Proffitt, 73, started a business called Sterile Hands which they sell and give 10% to charity.

Angela, who has run a small skincare business with her friend Lynne Smith called O’Naturelle for ten years, uses guidance from the World Health Organisation to develop the formula for the hand sanitiser.

She has made the products, with the help of her son, Paul McNea, and together they can make 500 bottles a day!

Angela said: “When the lockdown started, we were trying to find hand sanitisers for my eldest son, who is a key worker for the civil service in Bootle. The sanitisers we bought were really expensive and when we got them, they were very poor quality and they took ages to arrive.

“Most of my friends had a similar experience so I decided to make my own.

“We’re hoping to increase the amount we give to charities to 20% by the end of July and we are looking for more suppliers in the area.

For more information email: angela.sterilehands@gmail. com

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