Surprise! Carra helps deliver free meals to vulnerable residents

Surprise! Carra helps deliver free meals to vulnerable residents

by Tom Martin (June 2020)

A COMMUNITY group in Crosby which has been sending free meals to vulnerable people got a helping hand from Liverpool FC legend, Jamie Carragher, who volunteered to deliver them!

Marine in the Community had run a popular community cafe at the Marine Travel Arena, on College Road, before lockdown, which was attended by a lot of local elderly people.

After many of the cafe’s usual attendees were told to stay indoors from March due to the COVID-19 outbreak, volunteers at the community group “decided to bring the cafe to them”.

This involved delivering free meals, as well as quizzes and information leaflets, to the doorsteps of local pensioners.

They even had a special delivery person in the form of former Reds player Carragher, who volunteered his services along with another former Liverpool player, David Fairclough, who also lives locally.

Carra not only delivered meals to people’s doors, but also took the time to have a chat and ask how they were coping during lockdown.

Volunteer at Marine in the Community, Graeme Gardener, said at the start of lockdown they were helping around 20 people, but this has increased to more than 60.

He also told the Champion that they have received funding from different charities and foundations so they can continue the deliveries for the next few months.

Graeme said: “We have been very active during the crisis providing free lunches, information, quizzes and more important a friendly face and chat to many of our local elderly and vulnerable residents.

“Radfield Homecare has been a big support along with Sefton CVS along with support from Jamie Carragher, and David Fairclough and local councillor Christian Howard.

“Marine in the Community continues to provide this work for those who need support and hope to extend its service to other local vulnerable residents as the crisis still remains and many still struggle to return to a normal life.”

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