Champion idea, Jake

Champion idea, Jake

by Danielle Thompson (June 2020)

A 10 year old from Ainsdale has created his own time capsule to mark the coronavirus pandemic – and he has included the last Champion before we went into lockdown, as well as the first edition back in print!

Shoreside Primary School pupil Jake Walker has also included a letter from Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, when lockdown was first announced, a face mask and a photograph of the local park being closed due to the virus. He has also added photographs of the things that he and his family have been doing during lockdown, which included planting sunflowers and his online schoolwork.

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His mum Heather said: “He was completing war history in school and he thought it was a great idea to show his grandchildren in the future, the way we look back at history now.

“We put in the last and first Champion newspapers either side of the lockdown to show how the pandemic had struck even our local newspaper!

“We were glad that Jim Sharpe’s last One Man and his Dog column was included in the paper, as that was very important.

“We included a letter from Jake’s friend and a picture of  him facetiming his cousin on his birthday. It feels important to him to mark the pandemic. The park has a notice on it and has been padlocked, which felt strange to him.

“He didn’t go to any shops during the worst of it, we just went on walks – so the first time we went to the shops was very strange for Jake.

“We took a picture of him outside Lidl as well, in his mask. Children are so fast to adapt but he was very pleased to go back to school on June 18 and that seemed a good time to complete the capsule as normality is returning now, hopefully.”

He will be storing the time capsule in the attic for years to come... once this story has been added, as well!

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