‘Warm welcome’ for shoppers is praised by BID

‘Warm welcome’ for shoppers is praised by BID

by Danielle Thompson (June 2020)

SOUTHPORT businesses have been praised for giving a ‘warm welcome to shoppers and ensuring they stayed safe’ after they reopened last week.

Shops which have been closed since the coronavirus lockdown came into force in March were finally allowed to open their doors again on June 15.

Retailers have been busy ensuring new measures are in place to help customers remain safe, such as new social distance signage, staff training, one-way systems, contactless card payments, face coverings, hand sanitisers and closed changing rooms.

Southport Business Improvement District (Southport BID) has been working with retailers to advise them on making necessary changes.

Sue Foster said: “I went to Angel's in Churchtown and was lovely to go to a local little shop again. Some gorgeous things in there. Lovely gifts.”

Sarah King said: “It was great to see people out and about on Lord Street and Chapel Street. I felt perfectly safe in the shops that I went into. Everyone was really friendly.”

Allison Roberts said: “All shops felt safe. There was space to socially distance and control the amount of folk in store. Well done to them all.”

Donna Gregory said: “I braved Primark. There was no queue, I got directed by a member of staff to use hand sanitiser, and got everything I needed.

“The staff were brilliant. There were stickers marked out on the floor for safe distancing, and staff served everyone with a smile.”

Mary Cottee said: “I was in TK Maxx. It was very well organised and safe, a pleasure to shop in there. Well done to all their staff.”

Stuart Isenberg said: “All the major supermarkets and shops and stores have had exemplary social distancing measures throughout recent weeks.”

Graham Bridge said: “Heaps of praise for Spar at Churchtown.”

Local business owners and managers were delighted to welcome back customers.

David Stansfield said: “Lancashire Bathrooms on Eastbank Street enjoyed an excellent week.

“Customers are really happy that we have reopened. I hope it stays as it is.

“We have enjoyed a lot of recommendations from previous customers to new customers. Thank you.”

Laura Stevens said: “At Chocolate Whirled, on Manchester Road, we just reopened on Thursday and our customers could not have been more amazing or supportive. They have put up with a few days of queuing, observing all the new restrictions in place and just being so positive. We have had a lot of customers in who hadn’t been into any shop for 10 weeks, so we are hoping their confidence continues to grow.”

Grant Tindell said: “It has been busy, busy, busy in Flannels on Tulketh Street this week! With restricted numbers of customers we had a great week. It was lovely to see all our regulars and some new customers also! The town had a great buzz about it, everyone in really upbeat moods! Long may it continue!”

Paul Williams said: “The RSPCA charity shop on Eastbank Street has been busy, with lots of donations coming in. Everyone is glad that restrictions are being lifted. Southport is like any other town, we need people to spend money in their local area.”

Southport Business Improvement District (Southport BID) has been working with businesses to ensure they are able to reopen safely after lockdown.

A Southport BID spokesperson said: “We are very happy that Southport can begin to reopen and our independent businesses can welcome customers again.

“We ask customers to be patient with social distancing and treat all staff with respect.

“Most of all we ask that you support them in any way you can right now to help ensure Southport recovers.”

For more details and advice please visit their website at www.southportbid.com

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