Young film makers nominated for awards

Young film makers nominated for awards

by Tom Martin (June 2020)

THREE young film makers who met at a workshop at the Plaza Cinema have been named as finalists for ‘Best International Short’ at the Buenos Aires film festival.

Conor O’Neil, who met brothers Matthew and John Reynolds at a film making workshop held at the Waterloo cinema, went on to make their own short films.

A dark comedy short film they made this year, called Blackbird, is set in 1980's Liverpool when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister.

It was released by the three film makers on YouTube and over lockdown it has got a lot of attention.

They have been announced as finalists for ‘Best International Short’ at the Buenos Aires film festival and nominated for ‘Best Short’ at the Pinewood ‘Lift-off’ sessions and 'Flickfair' .

Conor O’Neil, who is a Hugh Baird College A-level student, said: “I have always loved making films, myself, Matthew and John are all so proud of the positive response to Blackbird and definitely plan to move forward with other projects once the lockdown is lifted and it is safe to film. By studying Film Studies as well as Media Studies at the college, it has helped me to further develop my understanding of various films, audience types and techniques."

Matthew ORegan, Hugh Baird College Film Studies Tutor, said: “Conor is an outstanding student, the fantastic talent he brings to the college has since been developed and honed through his study of theoretical approaches, existing cinema and the work of other students. We are thrilled Conor is studying with us and I look forward to his future projects."

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