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Graffiti yobs deface trees and benches

Graffiti yobs deface trees and benches

by Danielle Thompson (July 2020)

A REGULAR visitor to the Pinewoods at Freshfields was dismayed to find acts of vandalism on trees and picnic benches.

Champion reader Julie Smith arrived at the nature spot for what she hoped would be an enjoyable visit with her two young grandchildren. But on arrival at the picnic clearing to the right of Victoria Road, they were greeted by the disheartening sight of graffiti sprawled all over the tables and seating benches.

Julie said: “Every single table and bench in the clearing, along with every immediately surrounding tree, had been vandalised with spraypaint.

“We couldn’t comprehend the mindset of people who could do such a thing to a deeply precious, even sacred, place to which we are frequent visitors.

“We had arrived for our usual special time in the woods, but instead were faced with a scene of devastation.

“Fortunately, I had cleaning equipment in my car so instead of settling down to our picnic, we spent a significant part of the afternoon cleaning the tables, benches, and trees.

She added: “The name ‘Daniel’ along with the initials ‘D.B.’ featured heavily among the graffiti. I took photographs so if anybody has any information as to who the perpetrators may be, I urge them to contact both the police and National Trust immediately.”

The Champion asked the National Trust to comment.

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