Key workers thank school for opening classrooms to their children

Key workers thank school for opening classrooms to their children

by Tom Martin (July 2020)

KEY workers have thanked a Bootle school for keeping their classrooms open during the pandemic for their children.

As more pupils are now being allowed to go back to school, parents who are key workers have reflected on the previous months of lockdown and thanked Savio Salesian College for looking after their children while they were in work.

One grateful parent is home care worker Lesley Hazlett, whose daughter has attended the school throughout lockdown.

Lesley said:“We as a family can’t thank Savio and all the teachers enough. Both me and my partner are key workers and couldn’t have worked if it wasn’t for the school being open.”

Other parents posted their thanks on the school's Facebook page, giving special mention to the regular check-up phone-calls made to pupils.

Following the restrictions of lockdown rules, some children have been allowed to return to the classroom with a full attendance expected in September.

Headteacher Tony Costello said it was great to start welcoming back pupils resuming.

He said: “We are so pleased to have these pupils back in school. This is what we are here for, to support our young people not only academically but to reassure them and look after them pastorally, giving them that sense of structure and belonging that school brings.

“We have been learning new skills and using technology to provide and improve our remote learning but there is no replacement for having the corridors ringing with the sound of pupils' voices. This is how school should be”.

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