‘Moss roads’ to be repaired as part of £15.9m fund

‘Moss roads’ to be repaired as part of £15.9m fund

by Tom Martin (July 2020)

LANCASHIRE County Council has agreed a major package of road improvements after receiving an extra £15.9million from the Department for Transport.

The extra funding has been received from the DfT's Infrastructure Investment Fund, which provides councils with opportunities to bid for funding for various transport priorities.

As part of this pot of funding, total of £547,000 will be spent on repairs to four 'moss roads' in West Lancashire.

These rural roads present a particular maintenance challenge as the peat they are built upon is prone to drying out over the summer, affecting the foundations of the road, which can then deteriorate further when moisture penetrates any cracks and freezes during the winter.

A total of £2.5m has been set aside for further repairs to bridges, retaining walls, and drainage systems which were damaged during storms Ciara and Dennis in February 2019.

A further £1.95m will also be invested in repairs and replacements for streetlights, traffic signals and drainage systems.

County Councillor Keith Iddon, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “I'm very pleased that the strong evidence we have presented for the need for extra investment in these transport priorities has been recognised with the award of this significant extra funding.

“The investment in this scheme is also timely as it will allow us to carry out the full range of repair and refurbishment work which is needed to the bridges in one go without having to spend extra on more minor work which would otherwise be needed in the interim to maintain their safety.

“We have already committed £1.64m to repair storm damage which is a priority in the next year to prevent further deterioration, and we'll now be able to carry out more of the repairs which are needed to bring our infrastructure back into full working order.

“The evidence shows that our recent focus on investing in the A, B and C roads which are so important to our daily lives has improved their overall condition, and I'm pleased this funding gives us the opportunity to prioritise repairs for some of our rural routes which receive less traffic but are just as vital to our rural economy.”

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