CCTV show four more men wanted after Liverpool fan celebrations at Pier Head

CCTV show four more men wanted after Liverpool fan celebrations at Pier Head

by Tom Martin (July 2020)

MORE CCTV images have been released by police as they continue to make arrests following Liverpool’s title celebrations at the Pier Head last month.

The Champion reported last week how officers were trying to find a group of men and women who were in the area of Victoria Street and Castle Street in the early hours of Saturday, June 27, following the initial gathering at the Pier Head.

This police appeal resulted in six arrests, with four from Kirkby and another two people from Liverpool all arrested for various offences including theft, affray and violent disorder.

These latest CCTV images show four men who are also wanted by police.

A further 14 men and one woman were arrested on the night and remain under investigation

If you recognise anyone pictured, email with the photo number and details, or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

You can also send any further images and video via the following link:

Detective Chief Inspector Cheryl Rhodes said: “Thanks to everyone who has come forward so far with information. As you can see, we’re identifying suspects and making arrests. More than people are now under investigation and if you recognise these or any previous images, let us know.

“We’ll keep issuing these images and appeals to identify suspects and witnesses as we work our way through the evidence available to us. These particular people were in and around Victoria Street and Castle Street later on in the night after the initial Pierhead celebrations.

“We’re putting resources into this investigation because a minority of people were intent on committing crime and anti-social behaviour on the night, and their actions marred the good nature of the majority, and damaged the reputation of this city. It’s heartening to see the vast majority of our communities coming together to condemn such behaviour, and to assist our investigations.

“Any such gatherings put unnecessary strain on all of the emergency services at this time, put the safety of those attending at risk, and raise the chances of more lockdown measures to be reversed in certain areas, which would affect all of us who have shown patience and understanding during this pandemic.

“As Liverpool FC, Liverpool City Council and others have said: the time for public celebrations will come when it is safe to do so.”

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