Plans for 5am heavy goods deliveries at Waitrose opposed

Plans for 5am heavy goods deliveries at Waitrose opposed

by Danielle Thompson (July 2020)

PLANS for 5am heavy goods deliveries at a supermarket in Formby have been opposed by a Councillor, who has asked for the application to be heard by Sefton Council’s Planning Committee.

Ravenmeols representative, Nina Killen, has reacted with dismay to plans by Waitrose to extend the delivery times to the Three Tuns Lane store so that HGVs would be able to arrive from 5am each day, including weekends.

She believes that it would impact severely on people who live nearby and said that she has submitted an objection to the planning application and called for it to be heard by the planning committee as opposed to decided by officers.

In her objection, the councillor said: “The current delivery times are from 6am to 11pm on weekdays and not before 7am on weekends.

“Residents report being disturbed by Waitrose HGVs arriving at 6am, waking them up. Although they accept that these are the current hours of delivery, they do not wish for this to become 5am.

“I note from the application that a number of measures are in place to reduce the noise level, such as turning off reversing signals, engines and refrigeration units. As much as local residents appreciate these measures being taken, they do not in practice work. Residents are woken early in the morning by the deliveries, and they would be by 5am deliveries too. They do not wish for this to become 5am and I support these objections.

“Quality of life is important and this would impact severely on local residents' quality of life.

“I appreciate that Waitrose feel they need to extend the delivery times so that they can extend their online delivery offer, but on balance I do not agree it is a valid reason for delivery times to be extended to 5am and 1am, as the impact on residents outweighs the benefit to the supermarket."

A Waitrose spokesperson responded: “We understand we have a responsibility to our neighbours and should the application be approved would have strict measures in place to ensure we are doing everything we can to minimise any noise.

“We are not proposing to increase the number of HGV deliveries, this will remain at two per day. However, the pandemic has seen a significant shift in the way people shop. We will be conducting additional noise assessments as part of our application.”

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