Owners of severely disabled puppy need to raise £5k for treatment

Owners of severely disabled puppy need to raise £5k for treatment

by Danielle Thompson (July 2020)

AN Ainsdale couple have launched a fundraiser to help get their severely disabled puppy vital treatment.

In May, Jenny Preston, 28, and Jamie Preston, 32, adopted a ten- week old cross-breed puppy, called Hopper.

The dog, who is now four months old, is both deaf and blind and has severe deformities in his hind right leg. He has been ‘offered a lifeline’ by a specialist orthopaedic vet to save his deformed leg from amputation.

The couple have launched a Go Fund Me appeal to raise £5,000 to afford his treatment – but ideally need to raise this in just two months’ time.

Anything raised beyond the cost of his surgery will be donated to Many Tears Animal Rescue in Wales, who take on additional needs/deaf/blind dogs.

Jenny, said: “We need to raise funds for what will potentially be a life saving operation for Hopper as he may not be able to cope with an amputation. We have been offered a lifeline by an experienced orthopediac vet but this surgery would be very expensive.

“Hopper was the result of accidental breeding of two merle dogs and inherited double merle genes meaning that he is both deaf and blind.

“We responded to an advert from two lovely ladies who were trying to find a home for Hopper.

“Hopper was also born with a deformity on his right hind leg.

“He can bear weight on it occasionally but often 'hops' on his left.

“X-rays show that Hopper has a twisted tibula and fibula, an angular deformity, eight toes including one that is under his skin and his patella is not developing correctly.

“Our vet suggested an amputation from the hip but an amputation would be incredibly challenging for Hopper.

“However, there is hope for Hopper. He would require both a CT scan and two costly operations but this could potentially render his leg usable.

“The ideal time for his surgery would be when Hopper is six months old.

“He is a happy, playful little puppy. He has responded to touch training well, enjoys his short walks and copes well with support for being deaf and blind.

“Any donations would be so gratefully received. We have had a blind dog before from Romania and he had a lovely life with us, we had him for five years until he passed away around 10 years old.

To donate to the appeal, visit the website: https://www.gofundme.com/f/qhc24-help-for-hopper

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