Ambitious plans released of how state-of-the-art theatre venue could look

Ambitious plans released of how state-of-the-art theatre venue could look

by Danielle Thompson (July 2020)

IMAGES released this week show how a new state-of-the-art venue could replace Southport Theatre and Convention Centre.

Sefton Council has released its ambitious vision for a ‘brand new world-class’ theatre and conference centre on the waterfront, which would sit on the edge of the Marine Lake and replace the current Southport Theatre and Convention Centre.

Southport’s Town Deal Board is supportive of the project, which could be integral to the Southport Town Deal bid. The Town Deal centres on bringing into reality a ‘master plan’ that has been created for Southport, which is being led by Southport Town Deal Board made up of public and private industry leaders. Later this year a bid will be made to central government to support the delivery of the master plan.

The existing Southport Theatre and Convention Centre remains closed at the moment due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The previous operator, Bliss Space (Southport) Ltd, went into liquidation in May. Turn to page7

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Further work to finalise the plans for the new theatre and conference centre in more detail will take place over the summer.

Cllr Ian Maher, Labour Leader at Sefton Council, says, “This project is a real game changer for Southport and The City Region and showcases a bright future for the town. We understand the valuable role that having a theatre and conference centre plays and we want to ensure that Southport is on the map for having one of the best in the region, if not the whole county.

“This site offers a stunning location so, if we can match this with world-class facilities, we’ll be able to ensure that national and regional conferences visit Southport as well as giving us the opportunity to secure leading theatre shows; all of which bring additional investment and footfall into the town.

“ Furthermore, the new venue will play an instrumental and leading part in the wider regeneration of the waterfront area.”

A feasibility and design study has been commissioned for the new theatre and conference centre by Sefton Council as part of its commitment to investment and growth within the Borough.

“The study evaluates a range of options including minor renovation works, as well as the ambitious vision, which may comprise either a full new build, or partial new build with retention of the Floral Hall.

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