Friends of Maghull and District are getting ready to install a unique ‘bottle-top rhinos’ sculpture in August!

Friends of Maghull and District are getting ready to install a unique ‘bottle-top rhinos’ sculpture in August!

by Danielle Thompson (July 2020)

THE Friends of Maghull and District are getting ready to install a unique ‘bottle-top rhinos’ sculpture in August!

As part of their successfully completed Stafford Moreton Way Wildflower Project, the Friends of Maghull and District (FOMD) one year crowdfunding campaign finished at the end of March. Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 restrictions, they had to postpone the second part of the project, which was due to be the installation of a noticeboard, the rhinoceroses recycling sculpture and the planting of 102m² of wildflower turf.

Frank Sharp from the Friends said: “It was really frustrating to be so close; we had actually ordered the delivery of the wildflower turf for April 2! It will be re-ordered for September/October when the turf will not be exposed to excessively dry or frosty weather. Looking back over the last two record-breaking months of dry weather and sunshine, we were perhaps fortunate in not putting down the wildflower turf!”

He said that he would like to ‘update all of the amazing people whose imaginations have been captured and have been collecting plastic bottle tops to insert into the sculpture.’

It will be sited on Stafford Moreton Way, which is the road leading up to Morrisons supermarket and adjacent Home Bargains, and part of the wildflower project.

He said: “The good news is that everything is still on track to be delivered this year.

“Castle Foundry have told us that they recently recommenced work on the rhino sculpture and are hoping to have it completed and installed next month We are so grateful to Chris Butler from the foundry for not only producing the sculpture at material cost only, but for picking this work up again when we were expecting and encouraging him to focus on his more profitable work.

“The galvanised mesh steel sculpture - featuring a life-sized animal and its child - is to highlight the need for plastic recycling, caring for endangered wildlife and to act as a beautiful aesthetic.

“We were able to collect nine huge bin bags of plastic bottle tops from the three fantastic primary schools (Northway, Lydiate, and St Andrews). The competition between the classes in each of the primary school sounded brilliant, particularly the youngest class of proud victorious children who were the winners at their school in Lydiate Primary ('Top Class'!). Our hope is that the children can all attend the eventual unveiling and insert the bottle tops they collected, and get a real sense of ownership for their fantastic engagement.

“With regard to anyone else who is collecting bottle tops, I would be very grateful if you could continue collecting and retain them yourselves, until the sculpture is available. Do not worry if we have too many bottle tops as we may consider making a community mosaic picture!”

He added that they are now ready to go ahead with their next project.

He said: “The next project at Woodend/Bobby’s Wood, near the junction of Liverpool Road South and Northway, has now been independently verified and is currently in the crowdfunding stage.

“Although it feels like an ambitious mountain to climb between April and the end of October, we have been really encouraged by the achievement of obtaining 68% of our target fund already mainly through in-kind offers of support.”
More information and how to support this project can be found at

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