Youngsters excel on Journalism Week project!

Youngsters excel on Journalism Week project!

by Danielle Thompson (July 2020)

YOUNGSTERS from a primary school in Southport have been trying out life as a roving reporter – during their ‘Journalism Week’ challenge!

Tom Walsh, a teacher at Norwood Primary School on Norwood Crescent, revealed to the Champion that one of the children’s first challenges was to create their own ‘front page’ all about life during the coronavirus lockdown.

The entries were judged by the team here at the Champion and after careful consideration, we chose Jason’s entry, ‘How does space smell?’

Mr Walsh said: “Journalism Week was part of our home learning programme we have set up whilst the children have been on lockdown. The week's aim was to produce a front page article about something of interest or reporting on how life in lockdown was for a child of their age.

“Monday saw the children immerse themselves in reading and analysing newspapers; Tuesday was all about headlines - creating their own puns and alliterative sentences to grab the reader's attention; Wednesday was puzzles, completing and creating their own word-searches and crosswords; Thursday they got creative and produced their own masthead designs for the Champion, pulling influence from the world's events, the coronavirus and the work of the NHS.

“These activities led up to them producing some brilliantly-written ‘life in lockdown’ articles!

“Some wrote about the litter being left at the beaches, some wrote about how home learning is going, others wrote about the ventures into space - all interesting reads!

“The children at Norwood were highly motivated knowing that their work was going to be reviewed by a real-life journalist!

“Alongside these activities there was the opportunity to research famous newspapers and reporters, carry out their own interview with a family member, design an online newspaper page, discover the headlines on their birthdays and, a very popular activity, a nature photography competition!

“During busy times in school and at home, Norwood's staff have been working hard to keep home learning engaging, exciting and accessible to all.

“Well done to all the children at Norwood for their relentless effort, they produced fantastically detailed work over journalism week. Journalism week was just one of the themes - they also covered Geography, History, Art and Mental Health and Wellbeing over the course of the lockdown period.”

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