Retired engineer creates ‘Covid-19 game changer’ in his Hightown garage

Retired engineer creates ‘Covid-19 game changer’ in his Hightown garage

by Danielle Thompson (August 2020)

A  RETIRED industrial design engineer in Hightown has invented what he claims is a ‘game changing’ air purifier which could transform the way public areas are made safe from coronavirus.

Michael Ashley developed ‘Sentinel’ in his garage workshop and has secured funding to produce 500,000 units for use in schools, offices and hospitals. He says that the air steriliser has the power to kill the virus ten times over and would make the air that we share safe.

He was visited by Formby MP Bill Esterson, who said the invention could open up public spaces and help make hospitals, schools and many other workplaces safe from Covid and other airborne viruses.

Mr Ashley told the MP: “Clearly Covid is not going  away any time soon, and one of the areas  that no- one has dealt with in terms of mitigation is the air that we share. So a system that sterilises air and does that utterly reliably, has to have a place in our defence against this dreadful situation.

“I’m a retired industrial design engineer. This has brought me out of retirement with a small team of equally experienced engineers and we’ve created a range of products that are covid facing but the reality is that this product will sterilise and deal with  any living organism that is passed through it and it will achieve sterilisation rates of  99.999%.

“And it does it using technology that everyone has been living with because it deals with UVC sterilisation.

“We've simply created an environment where we can capture the UVC safely in a plenum chamber, pass a high volume of air through it and guarantee the sterilisation of that air. And we've got a kill rating in this machine that is utterly phenomenal. It has  way over 10 times the power that is required to kill Covid as it passes through this machine.

“Obviously, the impact this could make in many environments - not least of all, of course, are classrooms, but it goes way beyond that.  The product could be utilised in the NHS, prisons, the court service - anywhere where people gather and people work.”

Mr Esterson said: “This really does look like a game changer in the fight against Covid-19. I have asked the Department of Health to look at this with urgency. It could change the way we fight this awful disease. I was massively impressed with what Michael showed me.

“It’s incredible that this machine has been invented right here in Hightown. Well done to Michael and his team. I will push the government to take a look at this and pursue installing these machines in as many public places as possible.”

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