Northern to resume early morning stops at Bescar Lane

Northern to resume early morning stops at Bescar Lane

by Danielle Thompson (August 2020)

EARLY morning passenger stops a t Bescar  Lane station are set to resume from Monday, September 14.  

Following concerns raised by local residents and commuters, West Lancs MP Rosie Cooper wrote to Northern Railway’s chief executive Nick Donovan to request that the stops be reintroduced.

It was argued that the decision to take the stop out of service has caused inconvenience for many passengers.

Northern Railway responded to the MP confirming that they will be reintroducing early morning stops with  Bescar  Lane at 06:37 and 08:20 but only on trains travelling towards Southport.  

Ms Cooper welcomed the reinstatement: “Residents in areas like  Bescar Lane rely on  public transport to connect with urban areas for study, work and leisure and so I am pleased that Northern Railway intend to restore the early morning service taking passengers to Southport. 

“Disappointed constituents contacted me unhappy that their commute to work had been disrupted so I wrote to Northern Railway’s chief executive calling for their reintroduction.  

“Northern responded to me confirming that the emergency/temporary timetable they are operating due to Covid-19 has meant  Bescar  Lane could not be called at for operational reasons, with a significant number of operational staff stood down as vulnerable, but that  trains from  Bescar  Lane will resume at 06:37 and 08.20 from September 14.” 

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